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> Must-Have Cookbook! “Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys” By Lucinda Scala Quinn.

Many cookbooks rely on a theme. Sometimes, it’s an over-arching concept, like all of French cuisine. Other times, it’s a little more niche, like, say, cupcakes or bacon. But Lucinda Scala Quinn went a totally new direction for her latest cookbook, “Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys.” More than just a theme, she introduces us to a way of life, one where feeding a ravenous family — without picking up the phone for takeout — can be quick, fun and delicious.

As the Executive Director of Food for Martha Stewart, Quinn knows how to deliver impressive meals. But her recipes here come across completely differently than the fussy pages of “Martha Stewart Living.” Steps are stripped down; flavors are dialed up. This approach makes for a revolutionary and yet straightforward approach to not just getting dinner on the table, but truly serving something that meets the demands of big appetites with more than just hefty portions.

In her own fun and feisty voice, Quinn dishes on how she has come to develop these winning homemade meals for the men in her life: her three sons and husband. Not only does she share tips on how to keep the hungriest of bellies full, she divulges her secrets for how to teach them how to master the kitchen and cook for themselves.

Takeaway Tips: Always keep bacon in the house. Wow, why didn’t we think of that before? Of course, it works wonders on just about any dish.

Quality of pictures: Mikkel Vang’s work has appeared in magazines such as “Gourmet,” “Domino” and “Marie Claire,” as well as Australian favorite “Donna Hay.” His romantic streak has more edge than the dreamy photos of his you may have seen before. And, rightfully so, this cookbook is all about men. Regardless of your gender, his work here will leave you ravenous.

What We Tested: Where to begin? All of the recipes are totally doable — no tricky steps, long processes or crazy ingredients. Flipping through the pages, you find yourself nodding along thinking “I can make that with what I have in the kitchen!” or “I could totally eat that right now!” The chili recipe proved to be a winner and just got better with time. And then there were the oven-braised short ribs — delicious and totally mess-free, since the eliminate the step of browning them on the stovetop first.

Worth the investment: Anyone who’s looking to bang out delicious meals for hungry appetites should own a copy of this book. It also makes a great gift for curious cooks who are just learning their way around the kitchen. The easy-to-follow, foolproof recipes ensure success.


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Thank you for your informative review of this cookbook. I had never heard of it before but it sounds great! I’ll be ordering mine today!

Comment by Sarah Williams

I agree with Sarah. I’m always on the lookout for good cookbooks that focus on family meals and also easy-to-follow recipes. Getting your guys involved in cooking is an added bonus!

Comment by Karen Cooper

Great review! For me, what I liked best about your review is this statement: “All of the recipes are totally doable — no tricky steps, long processes or crazy ingredients. Flipping through the pages, you find yourself nodding along thinking “I can make that with what I have in the kitchen!”

So many times I’ve purchased cookbooks that look interesting and I have the best of intentions to use them – but rarely ever do. I usually end up turning to Cooking Light Magazines for easy, healthy meals. Based on your review, I’ll be giving this one a try!

I’ll come back to your blog once I have some recipes under my belt to tell you how I like this cookbook.

Comment by Beth Stevens

I actually have this cookbook and I love it. The only problem is that I think the title is misleading. I don’t have any children, I don’t eat beef and often avoid the heavy and greasy staples associated with men, and my husband is my partner in the kitchen — not someone I wait on hand and foot. Inside this beautiful book, the reader will not only find a solid collection of easy and delicious recipies, but equal parts useful advice about food, family togetherness, cooking, and auto-biography. Impressive credentials as a Martha Stewart big-wig aside, Lucinda Scala Quinn’s food is accessible, familiar and yet inventive, and can be cooked using the budget and pantry of an average American family. This is a handsomely styled book filled with healthful tasty plates equally worthy of a cherished Sunday dinner and harried weeknights that scream for Chinese take-out or pizza.

Scala Quinn is a regular on the PBS show “Everyday Food.” Regardless of your gender or how many “men and boys” you have to feed, fans of the show and the magazine will love this collection of 10-ingredient or less recipies that can be simply prepared in 30 – 60 minutes.

The cover art sort of screams at you, but Lucinda Scala Quinn’s voice is calm, patient, funny, and real. This is one book you are better off not judging by the cover.

Comment by Jillian M.

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